48 Hour Film Project – Results

WalkAMileShort description for those who do not know, the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) is where a team signs up to fully produce a short, 4-7 minute film within a 48 hour time frame.  The teams meet up to draw a genre from a hat that their film will have to fall into.  Then the teams receive the following requirements: Line of Dialog, Character Name/Occupation, Prop that must be featured.  Then, once released at Friday night, 7:00 PM, they have until Sunday night at 7:30 PM to turn in the finished film.

This year was a great year for our team, Small Step Films.  We were able to get the film written, shot, edited and turned in with more than 30 minutes to spare.  The screenings followed the weekend after the shoot, where you bring as many friends and family as you can in order to vote for your film for the audience award.  The teams are broken up into three groups, pretty equally divided in number.  At the same time, the official judges will be there for the screenings and will also watch during the week in order to give the qualifying films actual awards and choose the winner for the city.

This year, it was us who won.  Small Step Films. We are now set to screen at the national 48 Hour Film Project festival, Filmapalooza.  We also now have a chance to screen at Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

Here is the breakdown of the films who won an award.  Note, only films that met the requirements and were turned in on time were eligible for the awards.  Film that were disqualified from the competition were still screened and eligible for the audience award.  I have bolded and italicized our results.  Props go out to the other winners, and everyone who turned in a film.  It was a tough group this year.

2016 Louisville 48HFP Winners:
BEST FILM: Walk a Mile – Small Step Films
1st RUNNER-UP: Jimmy McDougal – 4 Shots Productions
2nd RUNNER-UP: Preparedness – Eight Pint Productions

DIRECTING: Walk a Mile – Small Step Films
WRITING: Messengers – Chris R. Productions
EDITING: Preparedness – Eight Pint Productions
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Black Out – Ronin Noir
SOUND DESIGN: WALK – Word of Mouth
MUSICAL SCORE: Black Out – Ronin Noir
ACTING: Messengers – Chris R. Productions
GRAPHICS: Jimmy McDougal – 4 Shots Productions
SPECIAL EFFECTS: Spiritual Intervention – Weekend Chocolate Warriors
CHOREOGRAPHY: The Brawler – Falls City Productions
COSTUMES: Ophelia’s Dream – t’n’t Productions
USE OF CHARACTER: Best Bits – superclownhappyhour
USE OF PROP: Walk a Mile – Small Step Films
USE OF LINE: WALK – Word of Mouth

Audience Awards:
Group A: Jimmy McDougal – 4 Shots Productions
Group B: Swipe Right for Murder – Boom Roasted
Group C: Walk a Mile – Small Step Films

The Film Requirements:

  • Genre: Superhero or Coming of Age
  • Prop: Rubber Band
  • Character Name: Diane or Dylan Zimmerman
  • Character Profession: a Cook
  • Line of Dialog: “But what if you are (you’re) wrong?”

Now, without any further adieu, here is our film: Walk A Mile, by Small Step Films

I still think we should have gotten “Best Cinematography.”  Our out of focus shots were on purpose.

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