2017 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project

Well, last weekend we (Small Step Films) shot our piece for the Louisville 48 Hour Film Project.  We shot for nearly 16 hours over Friday night and Saturday, with some catch up on Sunday.  It was HOT!  Even though we had some indoor locations, only 1 had AC.  In fact, where we spent the majority of the time inside, it was hotter than if we were outside.  A good bit of it was in triple digits.

Even though we did not make the cutoff to be considered on time, we were able to get a finished film dropped off.  What that means is we will still screen, but we are only eligible for the “Audience Award.”  While disappointing, considering all the hard work in the heat everyone did, at least we will still be on screen.  No repeats this year, unfortunately.

On the plus side, even with the heat, no one got dehydrated or had heat stroke.  We went through gallons and gallons of water!

So, here’s to winning the Audience Award on Sunday (upcoming) and to an earlier start next year!

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