Lets Watch Some Short Films!

This is by no means and exhaustive list of the film projects I have done, but it does encompass the films I have worked on with Small Step Films – the small group of friends who get together to make movies, sometimes even winning “Best of” awards, but always having fun.

The list will be after the break, so make sure to select the Read More link and they will be directly linked so you can watch them.  There is always quite a bit of humor involved, and in some cases, it is over-the-top-cheese.  I will leave you with one link before I start into the list; while not completely up to date, I am on IMBD with most of the credits as well! Gettin’ famous!  Brad Buskey (IMDB)

48 Hour Film Project – Small Step Films: These are the films I have participated in with this group since 2015.

Afro Vengeance (2017, Audience Favorite Award)

Walk A Mile (2016, Best of Louisville, Best Director, Audience Favorite)

Twice Shy (2015)

For most of these, I am credited with Director of Photography and/or Camera/Cinematographer. I have a couple Producer credits and some other small job credits.

Post-48HFP Short Films – Small Step Films: Below are the films I have assisted in creating with most of the same team from our 48 Hour Film Project films.

Wilson’s Disease (2017)

Cuddle Bug (2017)

Man in the Box (2017)

Delirium (2016)


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