There is always an about page.  Does everyone need to know what this blog is about?  What if each post stands on its own instead of being part of a larger subject?  I think About pages are a waste of 1’s and 0’s, personally.

Many things will be discussed here.  Well, not really discussed, as the articles are not offered for discussion but as an outlet for me to clear thoughts from my mind in order to make room for new thoughts.  Things here come straight out of my head and onto the screen through a medium of plastic, copper, steel and 1’s and 0’s.  No, I don’t really care if you care for these or hell, even read them.  If they make you mad or upset – go see a shrink because the problem is with you, not me.

To make a long story short – this site is for ME!  It is for MY thoughts.  It is my one little place to get things off my chest.  Hell, I don’t even advertise the site.