Mammoth Cave Trip

IMG_3160So this last weekend I went on a short trip and met up with some good friends of mine down in Cave City.  I rode in from Louisville, they drove their coach in from Bardstown.  We met at Rock Cabin Camping for the Memorial Day Weekend.  I left out a little before 9 AM to meet up around noon.  When we got set up at the campground and headed out to see some sites, namely Diamond Cave, and then grab some picnic in Mammoth Cave National Park.  After that, we went for a nap back at the campground and one of the people there had a couple RC Airplanes, so we had an impromptu air show.  It got a bit late, so we went off to dinner with some other friends before settling in for the night.  Except, there was no settling in on Saturday night.  We had fire dancers and fire works to entertain us for a long while.

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New Motorcycle Road Report Site!

All my motorcycle posts are being moved to a new blog site so I can clean them up and make a full Road Report site.  Something and somewhere to share my experiences and trips with those who are interested and like minded.  The Motorcycle posts here will be deleted once they have been moved and verified on the new site.  So, without any further delay, here is the link to the new site.

The Adventures of The Raven:

Camping and Motocamping

So, I have been thinking about some of the trips I want to make this summer on my motorcycle (still need a name for it yet)  I have been doing some reading and searching for the kind of gear required and think that maybe this year I take more or less “lets just try this” outlook and find cheap places to stay, whether it be in a campground that has cabins or motel on the road.  Of course, that would be for solo treks.  Some friends have a motor home and will be going places a lot during the warmer months.  They have said I could throw my tent-cot (the cot has a tent built in, quite nice for one person) in the motor home and I could help with the camping fees when we stop.  This would be great as well.  I am really looking forward to that.

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