Tech Talk

I have now had the new laptop for a month, and have mostly adjusted back to the Windows mode of thinking.  My new video editing suite has served well, but I still need to get into it further and get more comfortable with it.  I have meant to, but it seems I just haven’t been able to get away long enough to spend the proper time.  Do I miss the primary machine being a Mac?  Sometimes.  With the Mini, I still get to use OSX quite a bit – it does run the media center.  For now, however, I am making my switch back to Windows and it hasnt been terrible.

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Laptop Update!

DullahanWell, the laptop finally landed on Tuesday.  I didn’t get a whole lot of time with it, other than to start some of the installs of software I was going to need and want to have.  Still working out what editing suite to get that wont cost me an arm and leg…  However, one piece of software I use for remote desktop has caused some issues.  Splashtop Streamer does not work well with others on the PC.  I could not run any full-screen games.  Removed it and boom, everything works.  I also named it as well, rather than Laptop-SN.

Dullahan – Headless Horseman or Headless Rider, from old Irish lore.  The Dullahan is a headless rider, usually on a black horse who carries their own head under one arm. The head’s eyes are small, black, and constantly dart about like flies, while the mouth is constantly in a hideous grin that touches both sides of the head.  All the rest of my computers and tablets and phones have all been named after monsters, this felt fitting.

First New Laptop Since 2011

As there have been issues running my existing laptop (MacBook Pro 17″ 2011) with overheating and random turnoffs, I have opted to go ahead and get a new PC.  I spent $3600 on the MBP when I bought it, and it has lasted longer than any other PC I have ever owned.  So I cannot fault the computer or build quality.  It did everything I asked of it, for a long time.  5 years is a long time for any computer, much less a laptop.  It is time to upgrade, however.

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Testing New Themes

You may notice I am testing out some new themes and looks.  It was suggested that the small white text on a very dark background could be hard to read depending on the device used.  So, to try and make sure I have an easy to read mind, I am playing with some new looks/feels on the themes.  I will be sticking with the Free and simple themes, as I don’t want to throw money away on something that is more or less an electronic version of paper.  Feel free to comment or complain – I give both the same weight.

Gonna geek out for a short spell

Yep, gonna play the part of a geek for a bit and discuss a game that is an escape.  I don’t play it a ton, but there are times where I just lose myself for the weekend and immerse in the World of Warcraft.  Yes, the same game that gets blamed for poor life choices of some extreme cases (parents ignoring children, 20-somethings who don’t bathe…)  Every few years, they release an expansion, which brings a whole bunch of new content, monsters, spells and useless achievements we just HAVE TO HAVE!

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Wait. What?


So, I have been working in computers as a career since 1995.  A long time.  In that period of time I learned how to type, more or less, without looking at the keyboard.  I know, pretty much where the keys are and what they mean.  However, today I was corrected by a user here at work on where a certain character is located on the keyboard.

The “uppercase 1.”  Yep, I was told that the exclamation point was not an exclamation point but an uppercase 1.  As in “you hold down shift and hit the 1 key.”

Yep, this is the mortar that holds together the bricks of my career.  Open hand, insert face.

[Rant] Stupid User Tricks


And I mean really stupid user tricks.  More along the lines of “you should never touch technology again” users.  I follow some other blogs, RSS feeds and a couple forums.  Also, I have 18 years of experience in the computer industry, a good bit of it with user support.  One thing I have found in these years and on those sites is there are people who just should not be allowed to have a computer of any type.  These are the ones who could break a 10-key calculator.

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A Week Later

iPad and Surface Pro 2Well, it has been a week with the Surface Pro 2.  I have to say, I am very impressed with it.  While it won’t take the place of my MacBook Pro or my iPad, it does have a reserved place in my gear bag.  I have gotten it all set up with backups, image processing apps (still trying to figure out which to use most), video apps, my favorite browsers and more.  Even have it set up with internal storage (64GB MicroSD card) and 228GB storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive.  The biggest thing about it is that it is a full-blown desktop operating system with full desktop apps.  No sandbox or anything else.  Full browsers are really nice, especially when you need them.  That is my one big wish on the iPad.

It will have its place among my gadgets.  I have a bag set up for my iPad and charger, Surface and its charger and mouse and stylus’ for both.  I look forward to using it more and getting the gadgets to work together.  Dracolich is here to stay.

The image is a comparison of the size difference between the iPad (3) and the Surface Pro 2.  The diagonal are pretty much the same, but the main difference is the iPad is a 4×3 screen configuration and the SP2 is 16×9.  The SP2 is heavier as well.

Meet Dracolich


Microsoft Surface Pro 2

So I picked up a new computer/tablet.  Did I need another tablet seeing as how I have an iPad?  No.  Did I need another computer seeing as how I have a very good MacBook Pro?  No.  Is it more than a cool new toy to configure and play with?  Yes.  It is like the red-headed stepchild of my home technology bundle.  It is the only Microsoft Windows device in my house right now.  And that is OK.  Meet Dracolich, my Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

It will be taking the place of nothing, replacing nothing.  It will be adding to my growing list of gadgets that I have for specific purposes.  It has already shown itself to be quite capable and as it is a full computer, rather than a tablet running on a separate OS, I can install anything on it I would install on any other Windows computer.  I realize my whole house and entertainment center is Mac OSX oriented.  And  that isn’t changing.  I have already installed Plex on Dracolich so I can stream movies to it as well.  I have most of the apps on my iPad and iPhone replicated that I would want, so the rest is to be basically Windows 8.1.

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