Too Little Time!

Well, first, I realize it has been a while since my last posting.  No other excuse than I got lazy, and really just didn’t have a lot to share…  Not that I didn’t have a lot going on, just stuff I didn’t feel like writing down.  OK, so all that is out of the way, here.  We.  Go.

First, a few things from the last few months.  In March, the film team I am a part of went to Seattle, WA for the 2017 Filmapalooza festival, which celebrates all the world-wide winners of the 48 Hour Film Project.  As we had won Louisville, we screened and received some great comments, even if we did not win an award on that stage.  There were more than 150 other films we were up against.  That’s OK, we plan on going back again this year, after we win Louisville again.

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Lasagna Crisps

OK, so I had to try something this weekend to see if it would work.  I had seen somewhere online a way or reusing cooked lasagna pasta strips and making a crunchy, savory “crisp”.  The concept is simple for a quick snack and will let you get rid of some pasta that you would otherwise throw away.  Click the article title or below to continue to the actual steps.

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Winter Doldrums

Yep, in the middle of them.  Not nice enough to go outside, not enough to do inside, so boredom is setting in.  This weekend, however, looks like the temperatures will be such to allow riding on Saturday, at least.  I am not really wanting to ride in the rain, with all the crap on the roads.  But beyond that, there are only so many ways one can pack, unpack, repack the luggage for a camping trip.  Time to do a final pack and hit the road, soon, please.  I guess I will do it one last time this week and stow it so it can be grab and go on the first 40+ overnight weekend without rain.

Reminds me, need to get gas for the spare tanks.

Cut off!

So, for a while now I have been running 2 different FB accounts.  Reasons don’t matter.  However, in the last few months, my original one have become filled with filth.  A ton of assholes who are offended at everything, think there is only one way to run the country, but if you disagree with them, then you should be “castrated and shot” (yes, someone actually said that.)  So fuck them – I don’t want that negativity assaulting my eyes just so I can communicate with a few people.  While I will miss a few people who I had connected to on that account, I wont miss the rest.  Instead of firing back, I just shut the account down.  Now, the remaining is getting paired down – removing the asshats from my list.

How liberating!

Another year, come and gone!

Hard to believe just how short 2015 seems.  It was a big year for me, personally.  Especially with the purchase of the new motorcycle.  In a year, I put 12000 miles on it.  I know some people who have had motorcycles for years and haven’t done that the whole time they owned them.  I know others who do that in a quarter of a year.  Through the motorcycle, I have met some great people as well.  I have seen parts of the country I never knew existed.

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Thanksgiving – US Holiday that falls on the 4th Thursday of November.  Said to commemorate the harsh winter where the English settlers were near starving, only to be helped through by the grace of the indigenous people in the area.  It is to be a day to give thanks for what we have and for those who are in our lives.

I think the indigenous peoples look back at it as the start of their apocalypse.

Reader Interaction Required! Quick Question.

The other night on the radio I heard the DJ’s talking about what made them happy.  And it wasnt a discussion of family or friends or significant others or anything like that.  It was something deeper, primal.  I realize that parents looking down at their newborn are happy, and it is something that is tangible, but what they were talking about had to do more with a personal, away from everyone else, secret happy.  Something that even just thinking about brings a smile and that tug on your chest.  So, what I want to ask is, What makes you honestly happy?  (PS – If you don’t wish to share here, at least take some moments today and think about it.)

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Already (still, actually) tired of the politics.

First, those who know me know I am not a political person.  I do not like getting into political discussions any more than I like getting into religious discussions.  Mostly because they don’t end up being discussions, but who can talk the loudest over the other guy to assert opinion and regurgitate the media tag lines.

Second, if FaceBook is your primary new source, then please do not approach me with any kind of argument one way or the other when it comes to anything political.  That link you keep sharing to that story?  Yeah, nothing but click-bait and tag lines with a single agenda – theirs.  Put FB away and go read a real book.

Last, but not least.  It is Friday morning and I wish my coffee was Irish…

Friday, June 26, 2015 – 5 to 4 in favor.

I need to make two disclaimers here before I get into my opinion.  First, I am not a gay man.  I have never entertained the idea of carnal love or knowledge in another man.  Second, I have no problem with those who are gay (lesbians are included, I just don’t want to have to keep typing both…  Redundant anyway.)  There are too many people in the world to fall into one category (heterosexual).  I really do not care one iota which side of the fence you stand, or even if you straddle it.  Your decisions on who and how your love or want to marry has no bearing on who I love or want to marry.

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