First New Laptop Since 2011

As there have been issues running my existing laptop (MacBook Pro 17″ 2011) with overheating and random turnoffs, I have opted to go ahead and get a new PC.  I spent $3600 on the MBP when I bought it, and it has lasted longer than any other PC I have ever owned.  So I cannot fault the computer or build quality.  It did everything I asked of it, for a long time.  5 years is a long time for any computer, much less a laptop.  It is time to upgrade, however.

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New Travel Case

I did a short writeup of my small go case for computing, now here is the large go case for computing.  This will be short, as I have not had a chance to really put it to use yet.  I bought this on faith that it would fit my MBP. Everything about this case was mobility for me and being able to take my full kit with me, both my still camera kit and my video cameras (GoPro and a small Sony.) I was also able to include my whole iPad kit in TwelveSouth’s Book Book. It is probably going to be my last case. I cannot wait until my next trip to really put it to use. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good really throw-around travel case. And It will be very TSA friendly, since everything is easily accessible and fully protected. This is typical of every Pelican case I have ever used.  More info and photo after break.

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A Connected Lifestyle

In the last year, I went from having a decent computer, wannabe media center, work phone only to a top of the line MacBook Pro, iPhone 4s, Apple TV2 and MacMini Media server all connected via AirPlay and LogMeIn Pro.  I still have my iPad, which is also now connected across with everything else.  I have also turned on iTunes Match so I can download all my music to any of my devices at any time.  Now, add that I have all my CDs, my movie DVDs and my TV Show DVDs now ripped into iTunes, I never have to put a DVD back into my DVD player – save for my 4 BluRay DVDs.

Can you say awesome?  And one of the neatest things is letting my iPad sitting on the counter logged into iTunes via Apple Remote and letting the DJ feature on the screen allowing for people to choose what is next, or letting it randomly play whatever.  Yeah, over the top for get-togethers.

The Infected

Well, I meant to post about this a while back, but oh well, better late than never.

I have been working with some friends lately to film and edit a short web series about zombies.  I know, seems like everyone is doing it, so why is this one so special?  Well, for one thing, I am doing the camera work and editing.  That is special in deed..  Seriously, though, it has been a blast and it has forced me to learn Final Cut Pro X.  I mean, I spent all that money on it and everything…  We have shot 3 episodes so far, with 2 having already been released for the general public.  The 3rd is being released tomorrow, March 6th.

Media Center, here I come!

Yep, I was looking to create and have a media center at home that I could pull all my DVDs into and server out to whatever device I wanted.  As I was looking about to how best accomplish this, I checked out small HTPCs and the MacMini.  Now, given my new-found respect for the OSX and full Apple tool-set, I decided to go with the MacMini.  The last time I tried using Windows Media Center, it failed miserably and corrupted a whole group of videos.

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Windows User’s Adventure with a MacBook Pro.

Yep, something I never thought I would end up owning; Apple MacBook Pro.  I have been on Windows my whole career, and a few years before that.  Well, since at least 1994.  I have had about a total of 1 or 2 hours of experience on an Apple computer that whole time.  So, how does someone who at one time swore they would not own an Apple computer come to have a top of the line MacBook Pro?  Funny story, that.

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