October, wherefore art thou?

So, another Halloween comes and goes, and with it, my favorite month of the year, October. And this one flew by!  I guess that is mostly due to it being a very busy one, from a couple scheduled rides to an impromptu filming.  I rode for hours in the rain and gravel to go down in mud (no injuries to body or bike) and I rode some of the best roads the eastern half of the US has to offer with 129, 28 and Cherohala.

Defeating the Dragon

TailoftheDragonI was out of town last week and weekend.  I decided to make the most of it and rode some of the best roads in the country for motorcycling.  This is a shot of me on my bike on US129, aka Tail of the Dragon, which crosses between TN and NC.  It was a perfect day.  It was a highlight of the week, and a perfect spot to get recentered refocused.

Mammoth Cave Trip

IMG_3160So this last weekend I went on a short trip and met up with some good friends of mine down in Cave City.  I rode in from Louisville, they drove their coach in from Bardstown.  We met at Rock Cabin Camping for the Memorial Day Weekend.  I left out a little before 9 AM to meet up around noon.  When we got set up at the campground and headed out to see some sites, namely Diamond Cave, and then grab some picnic in Mammoth Cave National Park.  After that, we went for a nap back at the campground and one of the people there had a couple RC Airplanes, so we had an impromptu air show.  It got a bit late, so we went off to dinner with some other friends before settling in for the night.  Except, there was no settling in on Saturday night.  We had fire dancers and fire works to entertain us for a long while.

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Impatience seems to be a huge factor in making people idiots while driving.  Sure, people will argue cellphones and txting are a bigger problem, but I think cellphones are just a symptom of the larger issue of impatience.  Let’s consider the word “Impatience” for a moment, and give it a proper definition.

  • im·pa·tience – noun
    the tendency to be impatient; irritability or restlessness.
    “she crumpled up the pages in a burst of impatience”
    synonyms: restlessness, restiveness, agitation, nervousness, anxiety

Well, lets look up “Impatient”

  • im·pa·tient – adjective
    1. having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked.
    “an impatient motorist blaring his horn”
    synonyms: irritated, annoyed, angry, testy, tetchy, snappy, cross, querulous, peevish, piqued, short-tempered
    2. restlessly eager.
    “they are impatient for change”
    synonyms: restless, restive, agitated, nervous, anxious, tense, ill at ease, edgy, jumpy, keyed up

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Good god, there is nothing there!


Damn, Illinois, you have nothing outside of Chicago but empty farmland!  I rode through a good portion of IL during my Moonshine Lunch Run ride and there is nothing out there.  It is a lot like Kansas where you have nothing but farmland forever.  That, and tiny dying towns popping up on the road and disappearing in the mirror offering nothing to a passing traveler.  In most cases, not even a dour local looking on suspiciously as you coast through.  It felt like a post-apocalyptic landscape and I expected a hoard of zombies around each bend in the road.  Thing is, there would not be enough people in the area to even constitute a hoard…  It might be IL, but I bet those farmers out there are armed to the teeth.

Events Piling Up

Yep, my decision not to work the fall Ohio fair was to have some time off to do things.  But, with that freedom comes another cage.  Well, not really a cage, but man, those free weekend get filled up quickly.  And I am not complaining about having something to do that is very different than what I have been doing in the last few years.  Yes, I will miss the fun at ORF, but I will not miss the long drives home after long hours on my feet in either the heat or the cold.

In the next few weeks, here is what I have going on.

  • April 11-12, Moonshine Run into Illinois.
  • April 17-19, Motorcycle Safety Course
  • May 2-3, Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge
  • May 13-17, Eastern Rendezvous
  • May 23-25, Memorial Day Weekend, anywhere but here.

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Random Thoughts

So, while not a lot outside of motorcycling has been happening lately, I thought I would just give a quick update.

My normal life is finally moving over into a new style.  Motorcycling has started moving into the foreground of my thoughts, even more-so now that the weather is getting better.  I have riden every day it has been nice, and even on days where it was not even 25 degrees.  In fact, last night I took a ride out for nearly 120 miles on small roads between my house and Frankfort and south.  It was beautiful and not to be missed.  Neither were all the damned gnats.  It got to a point I could barely see and had to pull over and clean off my visor.  Just one more reason to wear a full-face helmet.

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