A Connected Lifestyle

In the last year, I went from having a decent computer, wannabe media center, work phone only to a top of the line MacBook Pro, iPhone 4s, Apple TV2 and MacMini Media server all connected via AirPlay and LogMeIn Pro.  I still have my iPad, which is also now connected across with everything else.  I have also turned on iTunes Match so I can download all my music to any of my devices at any time.  Now, add that I have all my CDs, my movie DVDs and my TV Show DVDs now ripped into iTunes, I never have to put a DVD back into my DVD player – save for my 4 BluRay DVDs.

Can you say awesome?  And one of the neatest things is letting my iPad sitting on the counter logged into iTunes via Apple Remote and letting the DJ feature on the screen allowing for people to choose what is next, or letting it randomly play whatever.  Yeah, over the top for get-togethers.

Media Center, here I come!

Yep, I was looking to create and have a media center at home that I could pull all my DVDs into and server out to whatever device I wanted.  As I was looking about to how best accomplish this, I checked out small HTPCs and the MacMini.  Now, given my new-found respect for the OSX and full Apple tool-set, I decided to go with the MacMini.  The last time I tried using Windows Media Center, it failed miserably and corrupted a whole group of videos.

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Lost in iTunes Store

So, how many people get lost for hours walking through the iTunes store in the music section? I mean, you come in, search for a Song, Album, Artist and find it, but then start looking and clicking on the “Also bought” albums below? Last night I got on to get a Jeff Beck album (Emotion & Commotion) and found myself coming up for air some 3 hours (and dozens of albums sampled) later without getting anything.
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