KYHRF ’08 – Weekend 1

Well, wow.  First weekend of the KYHRF has come and gone in a whirlwind.  It was a GREAT weekend.  I was standing at the front gate, watching Doktor Kaboom do his thing and a thought crossed my mind.  It was so familiar and good, that it seemed like August 07-May 08 passed like a breeze and got skipped.  It was like we never left last July.  That was a good feeling.

I have gotten the photos from the faire up.  Well, minus the Equestrian Arts show, which require a bit more cutting.

Celtic Fest 2007 Photos (late, I know)

While the people who needed the photos have had them for a while now, I have finally been able to access them after a near fatal drive crash. There are now close to 200 photos from the awesome night that was Celtic Fest 2007. I apologize for the delay, but I wanted to make sure I could get them backed up properly before I made any changes to them. They are all now safe, save for the 2nd day. They were lost beyond recovery, unfortunately. <cries> I was, however, able to save all the Mickey Finns!  So, here they are:

Celtic Fest 2007:


I was lucky enough to get to take my camera into the Eric Sardinas (Broken Vault opened) concert March 22 at Headliners. I was told “no flash,” I replied “no problem.” I took a lot of photos, and on the camera screen, they looked blurry, however a precursory viewing of them revealed they were in focus, it was just the high ISO that caused the blurriness on the little screen. Yay!

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#2 RenFaire Photographer in the Nation!

Yay me!  After the first ever (for me) foray into the renworld, I have made an accomplishment.  I am the #2 RenFaire Photographer in the nation!  Check out the results of the contest, and see more of the great people who are part of the KY faire and made it in the top 5 categories!  Congrads all.;

Total Lunar Eclipse 2008

Last night (February 20, 2008) played host to a total lunar eclipse.  The last one, in fact, until December 2010.  I was on my way home and completly forgot about the event, that is until I saw the moon rising over the horizon.  Full, clear and bright yellow.  I went home, dumped my cameras, telescope, tripod and other gear into my car, drove over to E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park and set up.  It was roughly 20 degrees, so setup took some time, with frozen fingers the result.  However, everything was set up and tested about 20 minutes before the eclipse started.

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What to Shoot?

Ok, so I have been hibernating lately, getting the photos from 2007 together for archiving and sending to the required parties (Tami and KYHRF) and I have realized, after my trip to Reelfoot Lake back in January (2007) I have not done any outdoor or nature shots.  Everything else I have shot this year has been Renfaires, parties, dances and  conferences.

I need some ideas of places to hit up for interesting and artistic subjects.  I want to stay within an hour driving time of Louisville.  Also, if anyone wants to tag along, I have extra cameras and will give free instruction.

More photos from the Faire! Naughty Bits updated too!

Ahh, yes.  I have updated my renfaire gallery with some more shots from weekend 7.  I have also added to the Naughty Bits album.  Again, if you do not have the password, send me an email and I will give it to you.  Speaking of the faire, there is only this weekend left to go.  I am a little sad by this, since it will be a while before I see many of the new friends I have met.  However, it will be nice to sleep in again on a Saturday and Sunday.  I am definatly bringing a notebook and pen to get people’s contact information.  I do know that we are going to have to get some people together and head up to my boat.  I have a 32′ sailboat that is on Lake Monroe just outside of Bloomington, IN.  Always a good time.

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Photos from Renfair Weekend 6, Wedding, Knighting, The Naughty Bits!

Wow, I shot a lot of photos this past weekend…  Not that that is a bad thing, I just need some downtime…  I spent last night (a great night, weather-wise) down on 4th Street Live at the Pub processing the photos for the renfair gallery site while drinking Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (mmmm, the best) and listening to music.  While I am not a country fan, listening to anything while buried in over 500 photos is a plus.

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