Princess Grace

Shortly after Miss T came into our home we began to notice how she was less coordinated than most kittens. She is bow-legged, and it hasn’t gotten any better with time. She is now 7 months old, and she isn’t getting any more graceful. She has learned to scale the higher objects in the house now, but she still lacks grace. We were reminded of her lack of grace this evening, when she decided to jump from our living room sofa to the bar area of our kitchen (probably 2 feet up and 1.5 feet over). She hit the top of the bar, skidded on the place mat and knocked the portable phone off the wall. This frightened her so much that she launched off of the bar, over the bar stool and across the living room, where she hid underneath our topiary turtle. She hid there for several minutes before deciding that it was safe enough to emerge and lick herself and pretended not to have fallen.


In March, Shadow and I lost 3 members of our family. My (ex) wife and her daughter moved out and we are getting a divorce. Unfortunately, they also took Miss T. Without getting into a whole lot of detail, I miss Miss T more than my (ex)wife, and I know poor Shadow misses his little partner in crime. For the first week or so after their departure taking Miss T, Shadow paced the house, mewing and whining, searching Miss T’s favored haunts. He took to brooding in high places, under furniture, biting ankles (well, he did that before, but more now) and being impersonal. This was a happy, carefree cat before the departure.

On Moving In…

Back in the last week of June, 2003, I added a new kitten into Shadow’s realm. Shadow had been a solitary cat living with a single guy for 4 years. Last year, I added my (ex)wife and her daughter into the mix. It took Shadow a bit to get used to them, but he took it in stride. They have been in the house now for a year and he was working well with them.

Games We Play

We all play games with our cats. One of my favorite is actually a combination of 2 games. The first, not much of a game, is Bunker-Kitty. It involves building a “bunker” out of the couch pillows in the corner of the couch. Shadow cannot resist this. He loves when he can curl up in his “bunker” and sleep. He will spend hours just sitting there. The second, is Trap-Door Kitty. The bunker is needed (required) for this one. I slide my hand barely between the “lid” of the bunker and the “wall.” All of a sudden, out shoots a paw from the lid, grasping at my hand. Every now and then, his head will come out as well. Then, as quickly as it shot out, it disappears back into the bunker. It reminds me of how the Trapdoor Spider feeds.

Subwoofer Surprise

For those of us who love good movies, and the only way to watch a good movie, is to have good sound, a 5.1 Dolby digital DVD and Tuner with full speaker compliment (sub woofer included) is a necessity. Now, this is not a story to brag about my home theater. It isn’t the best in the world, but it gets the job done quite nicely. I just purchased the sub woofer and spent half the day tuning it so it sounded perfect (to me.) I went out, got a couple DVD movies. Both were action; I wanted to test out the new sub woofer.

Sleeping in a Warm Spot

I would say about 99% of the time, when I come home from work, Shadow is at the kitchen door waiting for me as soon as he hears the garage door open. What can I say, he loves me. Actually, I think it is more for the treat I give him when I come home. It is kind of a “Hello, I’m home and I am sorry I left you alone for the entire day to sleep,” ritual. Well, I do not know how it make Shadow feel, but I like the feeling of him being there when I come in. Make me feel loved.

The Glass is Solid

Birds are amazing creatures. They have the ability to fly under their own power, something we humans have dreamed about for thousands of years. However, with every ability, there is a downfall, and the bird is no exception. The bird had no concept of glass. To the average bird, that window or sliding glass door to the patio is not a barrier to the house. However, as many of us are a witness to, those birds who found out the hard way are given a wake up call that some do not wake up from. THUD!!! Oops, Polly found the door.