Another year, come and gone!

Hard to believe just how short 2015 seems.  It was a big year for me, personally.  Especially with the purchase of the new motorcycle.  In a year, I put 12000 miles on it.  I know some people who have had motorcycles for years and haven’t done that the whole time they owned them.  I know others who do that in a quarter of a year.  Through the motorcycle, I have met some great people as well.  I have seen parts of the country I never knew existed.

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World Cup et al.

The World Cup.  Soccer, Futbol, whatever.  Most who know me know I am not a huge sports fan.  I will watch a few NFL games on the TV once in a while, I will go to a baseball game, but wont watch it on TV.  However, there is one kind of sport I love to watch: World Sporting Events.  Things like the World Cup, Olympics (Summer and Winter), X-Games, just to name a few.  This year we have had the Winter Olympics and the World Cup.  I was able to stream both of them whenever I wanted to, it was awesome.  World sporting events are a short time once in a while where people get together to play games and allow politics to take a back seat.  Truly, all of us humans are basically the same when it comes right down to it.  That is what makes these events so much fun.

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Ramblin’ On

This is kind of a “let me sum up” post.  Considering it has been a while since my previous post (pre-fair) this will cover a few different subjects.

The 2014 season of the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Fair was a very successful one.  Each weekend’s attendance beat the corresponding weekend of the previous year, which also have good attendance.  We also had a good season at Legacy Forge.  We added a 3rd person on Sundays, which really did help with closing and allowed us to get out and see some of the fair.  It was a great season for weather too, with no oppressive heat issues outside of a single weekend where it got to 92 or so.  Overall, it was a great 9th season at KYHRF.

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Not a whole lot this week.


Nope, not much has happened this week.  Last weekend, however, was guy’s weekend.  And it was glorious.  Filled with drunken laughter and games and one big “oh shit” moment for one of the guys.  We have been going out to “The Cabin” since 1999 for these weekends.  Not once has anyone had an issues coming down or going home.  This weekend, however, Murphy stuck his leg out and tripped us up.  Someone finally hit a deer.  And it sucks.  The only good thing about it is no one got hurt.  Well, the deer did, but that little shit ran off before it could be processed into sausages and jerky.  Other than that, the weekend went on as expected.  And was a blast.

This week, for me, has been a nice short one.  In fact, I had last Friday off, this Monday off, a 1/2 day today, and next Monday off.  So, 3 short weeks in a row.  And next weekend is the start of the RenFair in Eminence.

And I will end this short post here.  Because of reasons.

New Small Kitchen Appliance – Rice Cooker

I decided to branch out and try to eat more at home.  I need fire and forget stuff cause I just don’t have much patience for cooking elaborate meals.  I have a crock pot and use it a bit, but still, I find myself having to plan out meals and such in advanced and to go the store too often.  So I decided, since I have quite a bit of rice around the house and never can quite cook it right in a pot, to get a rice cooker.

I looked around online for what was most recommended.  The biggest problem is most people said “just cook it on the stove” and I just didn’t want to.  I finally ended up purchasing a Zojirushi IH Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer, 3 cups.  That was more than enough for me.  Last night I gave it a try.  I used a cup of jasmine white rice and 1.25 cups water and a little salt.  I was keeping it simple to try the first time.  I hit the cook button after setting the rice type (white) and in about 45 minutes, I have rice that was damn near perfect.  I am going to start trying to add some different flavorings and using stock in place of the water and do up some real fried rice, now that I have the cooking part down.  And cleanup is a snap – rinse the inner bowl out and wipe down with a towel.

At A Loss


This has been a rather inconsequential week.  Nothing has really happened or changed or anything.  No new toys, no existential crisis.  It has just been a blah week.  I did have a date Wednesday.  It was good, she was nice.  Smart and cute.  Don’t know if there is a connection, so will try and plan another night out and see.

A friend of mine is staying with me while her husband is down trying to find a place for them to live in the Florida Keys where he starts a new job soon.  They were abruptly pushed out of their apartment.  Figured, since the basement was empty it would be somewhere they could land in the mean time.

Anyway, just posting this up for my “at least one post a week” goal.

Weather, You’re Drunk

I usually do not complain about the weather or get into drawn-out discussions about it simply due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  Also, I generally don’t mind winter and prefer it to summer.  I mean, you can always put on more layers in the winter time, but there is only so much you can take off and still walk down the street in public without being cited for indecent exposure.

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Guns and Allergies

Well, the last part of last week, in a word, sucked.  Came down with something Thursday night that stuck with me through the weekend.  I did nothing Thursday, Friday or Sunday.  However, on Saturday, I went with a couple friends of mine, Tim and John, to the annual National Gun Day gun show at the fairgrounds.  It was packed and felt a lot like GenCon but smelled better.  There were guns going all the way back into the 1600s through modern hunting and assault rifles.  I ended up getting a few hundred rounds of 9mm ammo and a new concealment holster for my M&P.

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