WoW Mists of Pandoria Release Day

Yep, another expansion pack has hit the World of Warcraft.  Mists of Pandoria.

It seems that Blizzard wants the younger crowd to get more involved by including pandas in the mix of races.  For the panda, you can play in their world and then once you complete the starting area, you then choose whether to go with the Alliance or the Horde.  While I played on in beta through the new lands (which really are nice looking and vibrant) I just dont think I can bring myself to play a panda.  I will probably go on an alternate server and roll one up just to have it, but it will not be on my main server, Scarlet Crusade.  However, with the new race comes a new class; Monk.

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As a lot of you know, I play Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs).  The big one is World of Warcraft or WoW.  It is the only one I actually pay the monthly subscription to play.  I have tried others, like Rifts and Lord of the Rings and Guild Wars.  There is just something about WoW that keeps me coming back month after month.  Now, understand, I do not play 24/7.  There are days that go by where I dont even log in, whole weekends in fact.  But, whenever I want a brief escape and some adventuring, I know I can boot the computer up and play for a while.  That is one of the best parts, you can not play for a while, come back, and pick up where you left off.

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Raiding and You!

Back when World of Warcraft came out, I resisted signing up for the simple fact I knew it would become an addiction. I resisted fairly well, too. However, as more and more of my friends (at the time) were talking about it and playing, I took up the mantle and installed it and started playing. I started up with 4 characters on the Scarlet Crusade RP server: Warlock, Hunter, Rogue, Paladin. They were all name-holders at first, as I learned how to play. The Rogue was my first to 60, followed by my Warlock. The hunter only just made it to 70 and the paladin became a bank alt and never made it past 21.

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