Cough, Cough, OW!

So my yearly bout with the flu came in hard Sunday evening, paralyzing me for nearly 3 days.  The weekend started off great, with a cabin trip with some friends.  Even heading home Sunday from there I felt good.  Tired, but no different from any normal trip to the cabin.  I got home, got unpacked and clothes into the wash and cleaned up a bit then went out for a ride for a couple hours.  Got home, felt fine, ordered dinner, and some time between ordering the food and it showing up, I started to tank.

So, by late evening, full blown fever and whole body aches put me into bed with no food.  Monday was wasted on bed rest and medicine, Tuesday saw an improvement, but still not much movement.  Still achy, but not crippling like Monday.  Wednesday, mid-day I felt the pain fade, fever gone, headache went with the first cup of coffee.  Thursday will be the return to work.  As much for the need to get back in, but also, I want out of the house.

Now that this flu is over, the rest of the year is ready to start.

Winter Doldrums

Yep, in the middle of them.  Not nice enough to go outside, not enough to do inside, so boredom is setting in.  This weekend, however, looks like the temperatures will be such to allow riding on Saturday, at least.  I am not really wanting to ride in the rain, with all the crap on the roads.  But beyond that, there are only so many ways one can pack, unpack, repack the luggage for a camping trip.  Time to do a final pack and hit the road, soon, please.  I guess I will do it one last time this week and stow it so it can be grab and go on the first 40+ overnight weekend without rain.

Reminds me, need to get gas for the spare tanks.

October, wherefore art thou?

So, another Halloween comes and goes, and with it, my favorite month of the year, October. And this one flew by!  I guess that is mostly due to it being a very busy one, from a couple scheduled rides to an impromptu filming.  I rode for hours in the rain and gravel to go down in mud (no injuries to body or bike) and I rode some of the best roads the eastern half of the US has to offer with 129, 28 and Cherohala.


So, I guess I should just quit FB entirely.  It forced me to log off this morning, and said I would have to verify my identity by confirming the IDs for friends in photos.  OK, I did that, and when I hit the final Submit button it comes back and says the following, but doesn’t allow me to select anything.  This was 4 hours ago…

Please Complete a Security Check
Please choose one of the following methods to confirm your identity:
Identify photos of friends (hourly limit exceeded)

OH, and there is NO ONE to contact on this because you have to LOG IN TO FACEBOOK in order to submit a fucking question to their “Support” website.  Fucking KIDDING ME?  If I could log in, I would not need to submit a question!

Think I may just disable the account if I can ever access it again…  Too much negativity anyway.

Cut off!

So, for a while now I have been running 2 different FB accounts.  Reasons don’t matter.  However, in the last few months, my original one have become filled with filth.  A ton of assholes who are offended at everything, think there is only one way to run the country, but if you disagree with them, then you should be “castrated and shot” (yes, someone actually said that.)  So fuck them – I don’t want that negativity assaulting my eyes just so I can communicate with a few people.  While I will miss a few people who I had connected to on that account, I wont miss the rest.  Instead of firing back, I just shut the account down.  Now, the remaining is getting paired down – removing the asshats from my list.

How liberating!

Another year, come and gone!

Hard to believe just how short 2015 seems.  It was a big year for me, personally.  Especially with the purchase of the new motorcycle.  In a year, I put 12000 miles on it.  I know some people who have had motorcycles for years and haven’t done that the whole time they owned them.  I know others who do that in a quarter of a year.  Through the motorcycle, I have met some great people as well.  I have seen parts of the country I never knew existed.

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Thanksgiving – US Holiday that falls on the 4th Thursday of November.  Said to commemorate the harsh winter where the English settlers were near starving, only to be helped through by the grace of the indigenous people in the area.  It is to be a day to give thanks for what we have and for those who are in our lives.

I think the indigenous peoples look back at it as the start of their apocalypse.

We Attempted the 48 Hour Horror Film Project


IMG_0202IMG_0204And, while we had a great idea, script and setting, we had hiccups along the way that made it impossible to get the film in on time.  In short, we ran out of time.  There is no real need to go into all the factors that caused this.  Everyone was there and we all gave it our all.  It just wasn’t in the cards.  We have some good footage, and I know it will be finished up and screened for those of us who worked on it.  I cannot wait to see it.  We had a great crew and cast and everyone was excited and put everything they had into the project.

Defeating the Dragon

TailoftheDragonI was out of town last week and weekend.  I decided to make the most of it and rode some of the best roads in the country for motorcycling.  This is a shot of me on my bike on US129, aka Tail of the Dragon, which crosses between TN and NC.  It was a perfect day.  It was a highlight of the week, and a perfect spot to get recentered refocused.