Chainmail For Sale

I have set up an Etsy shop (after some prodding) to sell some of the designs I have been working with in chainmail.  If you are interested, please stop by and pick something up.  Do not worry about the quantities, I will always make more.

Thanks for your support and for the prodding.  Who knows, maybe it will finance the next fair season for me, who knows.  Oh, and for people on this list, please put your LJ name and I will give you a discount.

This Is Too Cool!

Ok, just got contacted by a friend of mine who wants me to create a necklace and 2 bracelets of chainmail for her group to use in rituals.  She wants the materials to be gold, silver and steel.  I am trying to push her to copper instead of the steel as it is a natural element, like the gold and silver.  Waiting on an answer.  The other thing is that the material cost alone is almost $2000 (due to the gold).  I gave her an alternative of a 14k gold tube filled with hardened brass (takes more than $1200 off the price) instead of the 10k solid gold.  No matter what, this is going to be a great project.

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