Moshin’ with the Misfits!

Ok, back in HS and College I did a few rounds with some of the raves and punk concerts that would come through the area as far away as Indy.  I have even done a couple out in LA (which is exactly like the movies, BTW) but last Friday, after not being at a rave or mosh in some 12 years, a friend of mine got me in to see the Misfits.  Wow, what an exhilarating night.  3 hours of mosh, ringing the circle and bouncing/ smashing with people I would not normally even be in the same club with otherwise.  Actually, it was one of the better moshes I have been in, with people actually picking each other up!  Well, long story short (cause I did not drive) I woke up on Saturday with new bruises and aches and pains in muscles I forgot I had…  If you’ve never been, try it once.

And I would do it all over again!