Goddamn it was HOT!

Yeah, it was freaking HOT this weekend, Sunday more than Saturday.

It was a good weekend, though.  Saturday was fun, somewhat relaxing (except for the heat) and was a good day to be at the faire.  There was only a few people (no cast) from the KY faire this weekend, but that was OK.  James was stuck working with AJ all weekend. I think he had fun, I think…  Missy, Dave, Edna and Ron and a couple others were there.  Had fun walking and talking with some of the vendors and other friends I have made.

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Don’t know why, but I am feeling a bit morose today.  I don’t think there is another word for it.  I have a feeling it is something residual from whatever dream I had last night.  I cannot remember, which is weird for me.  I am one of those who dream in color and remember 99% of them.  Who knows.  I hate dreams like that – leave you feeling like you lost someone or shot your dog.  It will wear off by lunch, I hope.  On a lighter note, my cat woke me up on time today by standing on my chest and looking straight into my face.  Scared the hell outta me, but was good, since I forgot to set the alarm last night.  Helluva way to wake up.  May even count for some of this weird feeling…

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Life, Renfaire, Relationships

When I started out the month of March I was married.  Not completely happy, but not constantly fighting either.  One day I caught her cheating on me, though not actually in the act.  A few minutes later she walked out the door and I have seen her 3 times since then.  We used to be friends, compatriots, lovers, partners in crime, now nothing more than two people who could care less about the other, though she is more vindictive and nasty about it than I am.  Some will say “of course he says this…” but I will not go into the many things she has done in the past few months except to say she is using her daughter as a pawn.  Draw your own conclusions.

On Energy and Friendships

First of all.  Spent the whole weekend (Fri-Sun) at the KYRF site for the 2nd annual Celtic Fest.  There was music of all Celtic type all over the site throughout the day.  Saturday was 10 am through 10 pm with a jam session that went well past 11 pm.  As good as all the music was throughout the day, when Mickey Finn’s took the stage at 6:30 pm, the energy level went and blew the roof off the pub.  In all of the 8 weeks of the renfaire, never once was the pub and surrounding area near the pub was the energy level so high.  Normally, people would tap their feet, clap along and have fun, but so many people I were around dancing in the isles, outside the inn, behind the inn, in front of the sound stage.  Patrons, vendors, cast, staff and other musicians were all smiling, laughing, dancing, singing…  It was incredible.  Sunday was a lot of fun as well, though so many of us had used up so much of our energy reserves the night before that the energy level not the same.  Photos will follow very soon this week.

On Drinking and Slides!

There is something to be said when a good-looking women drinks enough alcohol to look at a slide that is 3 stories high and say “I wanna do that!”  There is something else when she has drank enough to go down said slide in a semi-short, flowy skirt and raise her hands in the air.  There is something to be said for a group of guys standing at the bottom of the slide cheering her on!

In the words of another drinking lady; “Yay faire!”

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First Experiences in a Kilt!

Ok, during the first weekend at the ORF I bought a kilt.  It is the Stewart Tartan, and while I can loosely lay claim to it, I would have to search and scrounge for the proper paperwork and lineage tracings.  I love it, however.  Bright red with blue, black, yellow and green.  Anyway…  Got the Kilt and a nice, hand-made belt (3″ wide) with a hand-forged buckle.  Keep in mind, this is not a great kilt, but a tailored kilt – I do not have the patience it would require to properly do the folding and rolling…  I figured yeah, with my new boots and the kilt, I had a couple shirts now I was well on my way to having a decent selection of garb, since I did not want to put a lot of money into it.  Besides, the vendors gave me a hell of a deal on it.

Opening Weekend at the Ohio Ren Faire!

What a weekend.  Everything started with a 2-2.5 hour car ride from Louisville, through Lawrenceburg and on up into Ohio about 30 miles north of Cincy.  James, Missy and I stayed with some friends of James’ (who I now consider friends) who were running one of the Pubs at the ORF.  We stayed with them Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, which was a blessing.

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More photos from the Faire! Naughty Bits updated too!

Ahh, yes.  I have updated my renfaire gallery with some more shots from weekend 7.  I have also added to the Naughty Bits album.  Again, if you do not have the password, send me an email and I will give it to you.  Speaking of the faire, there is only this weekend left to go.  I am a little sad by this, since it will be a while before I see many of the new friends I have met.  However, it will be nice to sleep in again on a Saturday and Sunday.  I am definatly bringing a notebook and pen to get people’s contact information.  I do know that we are going to have to get some people together and head up to my boat.  I have a 32′ sailboat that is on Lake Monroe just outside of Bloomington, IN.  Always a good time.

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Photos from Renfair Weekend 6, Wedding, Knighting, The Naughty Bits!

Wow, I shot a lot of photos this past weekend…  Not that that is a bad thing, I just need some downtime…  I spent last night (a great night, weather-wise) down on 4th Street Live at the Pub processing the photos for the renfair gallery site while drinking Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (mmmm, the best) and listening to music.  While I am not a country fan, listening to anything while buried in over 500 photos is a plus.

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