KYHRF ’08 – Weekend 1

Well, wow.  First weekend of the KYHRF has come and gone in a whirlwind.  It was a GREAT weekend.  I was standing at the front gate, watching Doktor Kaboom do his thing and a thought crossed my mind.  It was so familiar and good, that it seemed like August 07-May 08 passed like a breeze and got skipped.  It was like we never left last July.  That was a good feeling.

I have gotten the photos from the faire up.  Well, minus the Equestrian Arts show, which require a bit more cutting.

Death warmed over!

Overall, a good weekend.  Friday was killer, for two reasons.  It was a good night, but I was BLASTED and didnt get home till almost 7am Saturday.   Hung out with a couple friends, met new ones.  Saturday came and I found myself getting 4 new tires (in order to avoid a blow-out) which really put a cramp on my fun for this month, considering my search for a roommate has been tough, and I have no one to help with the May bills and such – ouch…  Saturday night was me on the couch watching bad movies and playing a little WoW (which I have not done in excess for a long time)

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Celtic Fest 2007 Photos (late, I know)

While the people who needed the photos have had them for a while now, I have finally been able to access them after a near fatal drive crash. There are now close to 200 photos from the awesome night that was Celtic Fest 2007. I apologize for the delay, but I wanted to make sure I could get them backed up properly before I made any changes to them. They are all now safe, save for the 2nd day. They were lost beyond recovery, unfortunately. <cries> I was, however, able to save all the Mickey Finns!  So, here they are:

Celtic Fest 2007:

Gearing up for Faire

The faire season is fast approaching.  So much to do, so little time to do it.  I have my rig to inventory and get set up and  cleaned, tent to check, garb to get cleaned and hung and found.  I have to get a new belt config, since I will actually be carrying both cameras instead of switching lenses.  I want a flash battery pack for fast recharge and strobing…  I have to get business cards printed up with pertinent information regarding the faire and the photo site for the faire.  Speaking of the site, yeah, I have to rework it for the new season and archive the old photos.  That is mostly done….

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#2 RenFaire Photographer in the Nation!

Yay me!  After the first ever (for me) foray into the renworld, I have made an accomplishment.  I am the #2 RenFaire Photographer in the nation!  Check out the results of the contest, and see more of the great people who are part of the KY faire and made it in the top 5 categories!  Congrads all.;

What to Shoot?

Ok, so I have been hibernating lately, getting the photos from 2007 together for archiving and sending to the required parties (Tami and KYHRF) and I have realized, after my trip to Reelfoot Lake back in January (2007) I have not done any outdoor or nature shots.  Everything else I have shot this year has been Renfaires, parties, dances and  conferences.

I need some ideas of places to hit up for interesting and artistic subjects.  I want to stay within an hour driving time of Louisville.  Also, if anyone wants to tag along, I have extra cameras and will give free instruction.

Been a while…

I am still here, just lurking while I put things together.  I took last week off (not from work, but from everything else) and did nothing.  I feel bad about it, I know people are waiting on the photos from the last weekend of the fair.  I did get the “After Hours” album uploaded.  If you want to see it, you will need to contact a cast member, as I was requested to keep those private…  There will be more photos later this week, I promise.