Too Little Time!

Well, first, I realize it has been a while since my last posting.  No other excuse than I got lazy, and really just didn’t have a lot to share…  Not that I didn’t have a lot going on, just stuff I didn’t feel like writing down.  OK, so all that is out of the way, here.  We.  Go.

First, a few things from the last few months.  In March, the film team I am a part of went to Seattle, WA for the 2017 Filmapalooza festival, which celebrates all the world-wide winners of the 48 Hour Film Project.  As we had won Louisville, we screened and received some great comments, even if we did not win an award on that stage.  There were more than 150 other films we were up against.  That’s OK, we plan on going back again this year, after we win Louisville again.

After that, I had surgery on my finger to heal an infected puncture – ask me in person if you want more “juicy” details.  And in May, I went back down into TN and NC for the ADV Eastern Rendezvous – putting more than 1500 miles on the bike and taking it over 20,000.  She repaid me by throwing her chain when I turned down my driveway.  All’s well and I have a new chain and sprocket on her and even got a new seat for it, which made it like getting a new bike.  The KY Renfair has come and gone in yet another season of dust, heat, steel, oil, knights and friends.  And that brings us to the present and future.

I have a lot of events coming up, and it is making my planning of stuff very difficult.  One thing I would LOVE to do is to go out and test my new hammock and camp a few places.  Every weekend I have tried, something has come up.  Now, between this coming weekend and the middle to late of September, I have 2 weekends open…  That’s OK, however.  All of these events are going to be a blast.

First, this coming weekend is Louisville’s 48 Hour Film Project.  We will go in on Friday, 7PM and receive our requirements for this year and then have to go back, write, shoot, edit and turn in a film by 7PM on Sunday.  We are the current reigning champs, so our own expectations are very high, and there are always some good teams participating.  The weekend after is the screenings.  They will be held at Village 8, from 5-9pm on Sunday, July 30.  Come out and support our team.  After the screenings, we can release our film for general consumption.  Here is a link to our winning film from last year: Walk A Mile

After that I have a couple weekends in a row with nothing going on.  So, I am planning on heading to Red River Gorge or Rough River or Green River or somewhere near water and camp.  Nothing too out there, just somewhere to hang the hammock and dip my feet in the water for a bit.  It is summer, after all.

After those free weekends comes the 50th GenCon.  I wont be able to make the whole run, but the guys are being gracious enough to let me come down and crash out Friday night and Saturday.  I mean, it is the 50th anniversary of the greatest gaming convention out there.  It also marks my 13th or 14th year going.  I went ahead and got the 4-day badge, just before they sold out.  I think there are only a few of the single day badges left.

On the Monday following GenCon I plan on driving down to Cave City or Bowling Green and set up my telescope with solar filter and try and get some photos of the total solar eclipse.  It will be the only one in my lifetime that the US will see totality from coast to coast.  Lots of driving, but it will be worth it.

Following all of that, on Aug 26, my high school class of 1992 will be having it’s 25th reunion.  Nothing fancy, just beer and pizza in a stag get together.  It will be nice, seeing some of these people again, others meh.  I don’t have anyone in my class I don’t like, there are just some who I never really got on with.  People can change, I know I have.  It should be a fun night, but I may have to make sure I can find my phone at the end so I can get a ride home.  And no, I will never use Uber.

And then, just 3 days later, I will be heading off with my dad to Alaska to spend a few days in Denali National Park and after that, take an Alaska cruise.  While this one has not been set in stone, reservation-wise, it will be happening and I cannot wait.  Alaska has been on my bucket list for a VERY long time, and getting to go to one of the most beautiful parks in the world will just be the creme of the crop.

When I get back from Alaska, that very next weekend is Kentucky Kickdown, a vintage motorcycle show put on by a friend of mine featuring all sorts of motorcycles 25 years and older.  There will be live music, vintage bikes, vendors, beer and food (thanks for the support, Barrett Bar!) and general fun.  It kicks off Friday night and goes through Sunday afternoon.  Kentucky Kickdown Facebook Page

After that, I do not yet have anything scheduled.  I want to get some more camping in and riding as the weather will be cooling down.  We’ll have to see.  There is a scheduled camp, or “hang”, at the end of October, but that one will be weather-dependent for me.  Well, I am just going to leave the random ramblings here, and let you sort them out.

Have a good one!

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