Lets Watch Some Short Films!

This is by no means and exhaustive list of the film projects I have done, but it does encompass the films I have worked on with Small Step Films – the small group of friends who get together to make movies, sometimes even winning “Best of” awards, but always having fun.

The list will be after the break, so make sure to select the Read More link and they will be directly linked so you can watch them.  There is always quite a bit of humor involved, and in some cases, it is over-the-top-cheese.  I will leave you with one link before I start into the list; while not completely up to date, I am on IMBD with most of the credits as well! Gettin’ famous!  Brad Buskey (IMDB)

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2017 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project

Well, last weekend we (Small Step Films) shot our piece for the Louisville 48 Hour Film Project.  We shot for nearly 16 hours over Friday night and Saturday, with some catch up on Sunday.  It was HOT!  Even though we had some indoor locations, only 1 had AC.  In fact, where we spent the majority of the time inside, it was hotter than if we were outside.  A good bit of it was in triple digits.

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DJI Mavic Pro – Toy or Tool?

mavic1On Tuesday, September 27, drone powerhouse DJI announced a game-changing drone to the world.  It is the DJI Mavic Pro.  Some have called it an “Adventure Drone,” which I think fits it very well.  It is a drone with the same intelligence as their larger models (Phantom 4) but folds up to a size not much larger than an iPhone 7+ box.  What this means is that it is something you can nearly put in your pocket.  Even the remote is smaller than an iPhone 7, and has a range of up to 4.6 miles.

The question, however, is this a tool or a toy?

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48 Hour Film Project – Results

WalkAMileShort description for those who do not know, the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) is where a team signs up to fully produce a short, 4-7 minute film within a 48 hour time frame.  The teams meet up to draw a genre from a hat that their film will have to fall into.  Then the teams receive the following requirements: Line of Dialog, Character Name/Occupation, Prop that must be featured.  Then, once released at Friday night, 7:00 PM, they have until Sunday night at 7:30 PM to turn in the finished film.

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We Attempted the 48 Hour Horror Film Project


IMG_0202IMG_0204And, while we had a great idea, script and setting, we had hiccups along the way that made it impossible to get the film in on time.  In short, we ran out of time.  There is no real need to go into all the factors that caused this.  Everyone was there and we all gave it our all.  It just wasn’t in the cards.  We have some good footage, and I know it will be finished up and screened for those of us who worked on it.  I cannot wait to see it.  We had a great crew and cast and everyone was excited and put everything they had into the project.